Achieving the Best Sales Price

Matt Hansen Real Estate knows that selling your property is a big decision. Once you have made the choice, you should then ask yourself, HOW do I achieve the best sale price for my property?

Selling Strategy & Marketing

The METHOD and the marketing of your home is a major contributory to a successful sale. All real estate is saleable but the question is which METHOD of sale will attract the right buyer?

There are two common methods used to sell property, being public auction and private treaty (selling at an asking price or price range). There are other methods such as expressions of interest, but most properties are sold by one of these two (2) methods in the current Dubbo market.

Matt Hansen Real Estate Agents are highly trained in the current market conditions and are able to guide you on the appropriate method of sale, effective marketing strategy, and throughout the selling process.


Commonly, a buyer will view dozens of properties over a 2 to 3 month period before making a decision.

Having your property positioned in the correct price range to attract numerous buyers is key. The more buyers you attract, the more competition, and the greater the sale price.

Even the best agents may not sell a property when they have not been able to get numerous inspections.

Home owners should be very careful with pricing as ultimately incorrectly priced property simply helps the competition sell faster!

Home Presentation

Real estate that presents well to buyers can add tens of thousands to the sale price.

Presentation starts with street appeal. A quality signboard will draw people who are ‘curious’ in the area. Street appeal co-determines if a buyer takes the next step, to arrange an inspection!

Our booklet “Presenting Your Home For Sale” offers some general tips on how to help with presenting your home for maximum street appeal.

Communication with Owners

Matt Hansen Real Estate agents know that communication with our owners is key. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the constant communication that flows from our office – to you the owner. Our agents use the latest buyer databasing technology to keep our owners informed, and are able to keep a finger on the pulse through systems deigned through years of experience as leading sellers in the Dubbo Market.

Buyer Feedback

Being kept well informed is a key element to help both owners and buyers feel confident during the sale. It is very important that you are kept well informed and we provide day to day updates on a regular basis, at any time that is convenient for you.

And even more communication with our owners!

The difference professionally trained and experienced negotiation skills can make to a final sale price is immeasurable.

Matt Hansen Real Estate agents are market leaders, with Director Matt Hansen believing that training and continued professional development is key in having the right team. Our agents are confident, capable and proven in the Dubbo market, and are trained to do one thing; to get the best price for our owners.

Why List with Us?


Matt Hansen Real Estate has retained an extensive client base through honesty, integrity, and most importantly, their outstanding results. Matt’s community work over the last 15 years has earnt him much respect from the local community. Not only has he taken out back to back ‘Dubbo Agent of the Year’ awards, but also numerous community accolades.


Matt Hansen Real Estate agents pride themselves on reporting and communication. We communicate to you on the SAME DAY as inspections and following all Open Homes. We also know the importance of returning phone calls on the same day as the call is received. We are available to talk with you at any time, often after hours at critical points during the sale process.


Matt Hansen Real Estate agents pride themselves on efficiency, ability and proven customer service strategies that get results. At all times our agents work with you ensuring that you are content with the result.


Our agency is a local independent agency and is not associated with any franchise, and is not dictated to by large corporations who do not understand the needs of country customers. We focus on the needs of our clients and we do not pay any franchise fees which means we can keep the costs down for you.


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Award-winning Auctioneer

Matt is an award winning and licensed Auctioneer and ensures our clients achieve great results at no extra cost.

Presenting Your Home For Sale

There are many small, inexpensive ways of making your home more appealing and saleable but you might like to consult with us before you carry out any major maintenance, or alterations.

Presentation suggestions - Inside your home

  • Give your home a good clean from top to bottom.
  • Clear away excess furniture and clutter to create an impression of open space.
  • Remove intimate items and photographs.
  • Make sure the kitchen benches are free from clutter and clear away any items that might be on the front of the fridge.
  • Place a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen bench for colour.
  • Steam clean the carpets.
  • Replace any faulty light bulbs.
  • Fix dripping taps, creaking doors and sticky windows (this would remind buyers of jobs that need doing).
  • Clean appliances and make sure they are operating efficiently.
  • Keep bathrooms and toilets clean.
  • Ensure the grout in the tiles are clean.
  • Put fresh, fluffy towels in the bathroom(s), matching the colour scheme of the bathroom.
  • Clean the insect screens and security doors.
  • Make sure curtain tracks and/or blinds are gliding properly and that there are no missing blinds.
  • Check that all doors open and close freely.
  • Clean mirrors, windows, exhaust fans and range hoods.
  • Remove posters from bedroom walls.
  • Remove all ash trays.
  • Tidy cupboards as a buyer may look inside them.
  • Make sure any dirty laundry is placed neatly and tidily in the laundry, preferably out of direct sight.
  • Remove pet bowls and litter trays from living and kitchen areas.
  • Brighten up your home with fresh flowers.

Presentation suggestions - Onside your home

Your front entrance is the first impression of your home. Your garden doesn’t have to be a horticultural paradise but if it is tidy and well-kept it will create a favourable impression on buyers.

  • Clean the front exterior and remove cobwebs.
  • Repair any broken windows.
  • Clean out gutters and downpipes.
  • Clean windows.
  • Keep the lawns freshly mowed.
  • Make sure the garage door(s) are operating.
  • Sweep or blow down the paths and driveway.
  • Remove any rubbish and garden clippings regularly.
  • Store toys, garden tools and rubbish bins out of sight.
  • Plant some fresh flowers or shrubs to add colour to your garden.
  • Add potted plants or shrubs at your entrance and/or on your verandah or around the swimming pool for extra colour.
  • If you have a pool make sure it is sparkling clean.
  • Clean your outdoor settings.
  • Make sure any ponds and fountains have clean and clear water and are operating.
  • Sweep up leaves regularly.
  • Give timber decks a coat of oil.
  • Trim trees and shrubs covering windows to allow maximum light in your home.
  • Remove oil stains from driveway and paths.
  • Repair, repaint or straighten fences.
  • Ensure your letterbox is secure and in good condition with clear numbering.
  • Remove pet droppings regularly.

Tips for open house & inspections

  • Make sure your home is clean and tidy.
  • Open curtains and doors to ensure there is lots of natural light.
  • Turn on lights and/or lamps and light candles to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Make sure your home is cool in summer (turn on air conditioner) and warm in winter (turn on heating or light the fire).
  • Play soft background music.
  • Turn off the TV or put a slideshow of appealing photographs.
  • Keep pets out of the house (Remember some buyers could be allergic to some pets).
  • Leave your home before any inspections.

Your sales agent is the best person to talk to buyers about your home. Details of everyone who comes through the open home will be taken down by your agent both for security purposes and to enable them to follow up later to determine any further interest. Research shows that potential buyers feel more comfortable looking through your home if you are not present.

Kind Words From a Few of Our Clients

What’s your property worth in today’s market?

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